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Artist Testimonials and Audio Samples


Mundell Lowe, World Class Jazz Legend and member of the “Great Guitars” comments on his remastered LP

“Some years ago I recorded an album for RCA RECORDS. A nice little album…went nowhere in terms of sales though. I thought at the time, one of the problems was the recording (engineering), it was not very good. My friend Eric Van der Wyk has remastered that record…what a difference! This recording has never sounded as good! I wish Eric had been there when it was first recorded! Thank you Eric….GOOD JOB….” 
Mundell Lowe

Mundell Lowe
Listen to “There Goes Rusty!” from “The Mundell Lowe Quintet” For more about Mundell Lowe, please visit his official web site. Or you may email Mundell


Neil Seidel, lead guitar player for “Shanti” comments on his rescued record.

“Eric took the Shanti Album recorded in 1971 and remastered it to CD, complete with artwork. This album was never made into a CD by Atlantic. Eric’s Record Rescuer’s service was professional and the sound on the CD matched the original recording very well. I was especially impressed with the scanning and reproduction of the cover, which was a complicated piece of art. I have also used Eric to create and maintain my website. Over the years I have never been disappointed with his services, always more than you bargain for!”

Neil Seidel
Listen to “Out of Nowhere” from “Shanti.” For more about Neil Seidel, please visit his web site.



Tim Barnes, lead guitarist for Stoneground comments on his rescued record.

“Eric , thanks for your fine work on the Stoneground Family Album. Sal Valentino and the girls sound magical and the guitar and piano tones are wonderfully accurate. We all had a great time that night. Tom Donahue our manager and legendary DJ would have loved this CD. Good work Eric!”

Tim Barnes

Tim Barnes
Listen to Total Destruction to Your Mind from Stoneground’s 1971 album, “Family Album”
You may email Tim here. Order the CD here.

Klaus Levi comments on his remastered record.

“The CD sounds better than the vinyl. It still retains the warmth of the analog only it’s cleaner. Eric Van der Wyk is the man to take the vinyl into the next millennium. It simply sounds divine.”
Klaus Levi

Klaus Levi
Listen to Great Dreams From Heaven performed by Klaus Levi from his 1980 album, “Klaus Levi”.

Saul Mollock, singer/songwriter and bassist for “The Press” comments on his rescued record.

“I can’t start to describe the delight I felt the first time I played the CD you recorded from the “Meet The Press” album I recorded many years ago. The funny thing is, the guitar player with the band sent me a CD version of the album about a week before I received the one you remastered. What a difference it was. The music, and graphics quality were far superior on your CD. I will now be able to enjoy the music, and the memories forever!! Great work Record Rescuers. I’m sure I will be using your services again in the future!”
Saul Mollock

Saul Mollock
Listen to Heartbreaker by Saul Mollock from his 1980 album, meet “The Press”. 
You may email Saul here.

Bertram Turetzky, Virtuoso Contrabassist, comments on his Rescued Record “Dragonetti Lives”, 1975.

resuscitation of Dragonetti Lives! was wonderful and brought tears to my eyes. Wonderful memories! Thank you very much, I am looking forward to many more projects with you.” 
Bertram Turetzky

Bertram Turetzky 
Listen to Adagio by Domenico Dragonetti from Bert’s 1975 album, Dragonetti Lives! Bert performs in San Diego with the Second Avenue Klezmer Ensemble, visit their web site here. You may email Mr. Turetzky here.

Wes “Scoop” Nisker, Author & SF Radio Personality comments on his Rescued Record.

“Save your faves. Save your ears. Save the earth by using less vinyl. Save it forever, or at least as long as the planet lasts.” –Scoop

“Scoop” Nisker
Listen to “The Swami From Miami”, an excerpt from “Scoop’s Last News Show.” 
Check out Scoop’s book “Crazy Wisdom” here.

Mark Mangold, singer/songwriter from New York City comments on his Rescued Record; “Valhalla”,1969.

Record Rescuers for recapturing and greatly improving our 30 plus year old LP. You have restored and improved the record, from the LP, and have created CD’s that sound exciting and art that is true to the original.” 
Mark Mangold

Mark Mangold 
Listen to Hard Times by Mark Mangold from his 1969 album, Valhalla. Please visit the official website for Valhalla here.

Jack Traylor comments on his Rescued Record “Child of Nature”, Grunt Records, 1974.

It has long been out of print and, for the most part, out of mind. When I first got the digital remake of the album, I was a little reluctant to open that door again but as soon as I heard the first tune, I was pleased and astounded by the clarity and quality of the reproduction. In the studio, I was always amazed at how an engineer was able to make me greater than I was. I suspect the same is true of this reproduction. 
Jack Traylor

Jack Traylor 
Listen to Caveat Emptor from “Child of Nature” by Jack Traylor and Steelwind 1973. email Jack Traylor To order the CD, click here.

Joy Grdnic comments on her Rescued Records; “Somewhere Over The Radio” & “Retail Comedy at Wholesale Prices”

“Okay – Eric I want to thank you so much for converting our albums, “Somewhere Over The Radio” and “Retail Comedy at Wholesale Prices” to CD and doing such a WONDERFUL job! I’m delighted every time I see them and the sound quality is amazing! I really treasure them!” 
Joy Grdnic
Listen to “Marijuana Helper”
Stevens & Grdnic All Star Radio Networks www.allstarradio.com 

Peter Kuhn comments on his Rescued Records; “Livin’ Right”

Eric, thanks to you and King Tet Productions for the excellent work performed. The care and attention you put into your craft is manifestly apparent in the quality CDs you returned. You exceeded my expectations on the digital transfers of my old reel to reel tapes, vinyl LPs and archival cassette recordings. I glad we got the work done since those mediums only degenerate over time. It was also great visiting your studio since I live in San Diego. Hope I find more gems from the past to clean up and preserve! 
Peter Kuhn

Phillip Francis Stumpo – Maestro!

Thirty two years ago, we went into Heider Studios, at that time the state-of-the-art recording studio in San Francisco, where in the next room, Crosby Stills and Nash, were laying down tracks…we recorded ONE MAN CIRCUS, an LP of all original tunes, backed by some of the best jazz side men, studio cats, and overall working musicians in the business…sadly, the tapes have been forever lost…Amazingly, in the interim, this music has been re-discovered, and because of the demand, we were asked to re-master it for modern consumption, but without the master reel, we were stuck! Naturally, we turned to Eric Van der Wyk, the acknowledged BEST-IN-THE-BUSINESS for the most immaculate transfer imaginable from a 32 year old vinyl record to AIFF! Your attention to detail, and perfectionism produced a master 50 times better, and cleaner than our original, and has provided us with exactly the foundation we need for an updated listener friendly re-mix…Wally Heider, wherever you are, eat your heart out! My listeners, and I are forever grateful! 
Phillip Francis Stumpo

Agostino “Augie” Castagnola comments on his Record Rescue.

In addition to my own recordings & performances, Eric has done an outstanding job remastering my rare and out of print albums, audio cassettes, and video. And the work is done in the most timely manner. I can, therefore, enthusiastically recommend him for all of your audio/video transfer needs. 
Agostino “Augie” Castagnola

Paul Elliott, CMVT comments on his Record Rescue.

I.U. Jacobs School of Music I am extremely lucky that many of my old recordings have been recycled and are still available in CD or mp3 versions, but Eric has breathed new life into my early analog albums, recorded in the 1970s, which are no longer available. Even some of my later discs, which were recorded with the then new digital technology, but were issued on vinyl 33rpm, and have long since been deleted from the catalog, sound newly minted. I’ll recommend his services to my friends in the classical music world who have old recordings they’d like to hear again – but without the snap, crackle and pop! 
Paul Elliott, CMVT

Paul Elliott, CMVT
Professor of Music 
Listen to “Those Eyes” elliottp@indiana.edu

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