858-346-1520 Eric@VanderWyk.com

Eric, Wow!! You are a wizard! I thought I’d be lucky to get a few words off that 60 year old warped and scratched record. I never allowed myself to hope to get it all. And the sound quality is beyond reasonable expectations! To hear my Dad’s grandmother and her sister – born when Abe Lincoln was President – for the first time in my life is just awesome. My relatives at the family reunion next month will be blown away. My Daddy would be so happy. I cannot thank you enough!
Robert B. Houston, TX

Thank You soooooooooooooo much for re-mastering my 50 year old high school band record. This was special to me, I played clarinet in that State Competition all those years ago. I found you online and was hopeful that you would be able to update it to a CD in decent quality, after all it is a 50 year old 33-1/3 LP vinyl record. From the time I sent it to you from Virginia, you receiving it, re-mastering it to a CD, and me getting it back was exactly one week. When it arrived at my condo, I was apprehensive about opening it and playing it. I have read your testimonials and heard your samples, but could you really clean up the sound of this scratchy vinyl record? I have to tell you, as I was listening to it tears were streaming down my cheeks (as they are now)……..the sound was beyond beautiful. It transformed me back to that event 50 years ago! I was also amazed that we sound so good for a high school band. My goal in getting this record re-mastered to a CD is that my 50th high school reunion is coming up in October and I plan on making personalized CDs for each of the band members that attend the reunion. My tears are of joy for me being able to listen to our band of 50 years ago, but also for the other band members that will also be able to enjoy this. Thank you for making a lot of senior citizens happy to be able to have that memory to keep. Linda Harrington Crosby Norfolk, VA

Hi Eric,
I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the two CDs you converted for me as a Christmas gift to my husband Gary. He was delighted and truly touched when he heard the CDs of the record albums he had recorded back in High School as part of a choir. It meant even more to Gary because we had a friend convert the two albums to CDs earlier in the year and the recordings were just awful I hate to say. You could hear every scratch, some songs were missing, and the sound had to be turned up so loud that you could hear the scratches and other interference just as loudly as the voices. My husband told me that after he heard the CD’s made by our friend that he assumed the albums were just lost. It’s been 50 years since Gary recorded those two albums back in High School. So in hearing the CDs you made from the albums, you resurrected something my husband thought was lost AND the quality of your recordings was amazing. It was almost as if you were in the recording studio back in the 60s. There was no background noise, the voices were clear, the volume did not need to be turned way up, and you made both my husband and I very appreciative. The value you provide for the cost is the best money I’ve spent on a Christmas gift in years! Thank you again for your work and please feel free to use this as a testimonial with your other clients.
Thanks again Eric and have a wonderful New Year,

Rayna Schroeder
Life and Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker
Eldersburg, MD
Dear Eric:
There are no words to describe the absolute joy I felt when I heard the voice of the young girl I used to be.
Your magic made that possible.
I had given up on that old relic of a record. When Jonathon told me it would be possible to revive some of the sound and then brought the finished product to me, I was overwhelmed.
You are masterful in your profession. I thank you most sincerely for the resurrection of this lovely part of my past. I will share it with my children and grandchildren. None of them knew me then and it will give them a glimpse of who I was one day, long ago. 
Gratefully, Lil “Lilian James” Mulonas San Diego, CA

THANK YOU for prompt service! We took a chance on both of these LPs as we have not yet heard any of the songs.  This will really be a treat.  ONLY you will be doing these kind of transfers because of your expertise. (I know, because we had tried others before we discovered you.) 
Ken & Sue T.  Joplin, MO

Eric, Received the Steelwind CD and your package. Forwarded one copy to the UK and listened to the other one last night. My compliments, bar none, without a doubt of any CD taken from vinyl that I have heard this is the best sounding CDR, period. You could have fooled me, had I not known I would not have suspected that this was taken off of an old LP, even a perfect never before played one, which this wasn’t. I found in the past that even if there is no vinyl surface noise as a dead giveaway the dynamics just are not there and it usually sounds flat and the umpf is missing and one has to turn the volume up fairly high. Great job – I am impressed!
Heinz G. Heinz Geissler Management Austin, TX

Eric: Thanks so much for doing the transfer on my Sister Placebo 7″. It sounds great. You provide a wonderful service that I will recommend to everyone. 
Have a great day! Peter L. Seattle WA

Eric, I received the CD yesterday. It is wonderful. Thank you for doing such a great job and for doing it so quickly. My only problem know is hanging on to it until Christmas. I’m so excited about it I kind of want to give it to my husband early(but I won’t). Thank you again and I will keep your name and email address so I can refer folks or perhaps use you again. Have a happy Thanksgiving and a blessed Christmas. Martha M. Court Williamstown, NJ

Thanks Eric…spot listened to the CD…as clean as it could be…another great job! Much appreciate the rapid turn-around, and classy presentation! 
Best, Phil S. Los Angeles, CA

Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I received the vinyl and Audio CDs today. They are fantastic! Thanks. I have another batch of 15 ready that I’d like to send next week. Let me know if that works for you and I’ll get them ready to go. 
Beau  Houston, TX

Dear Eric, Thank you once again for the speedy arrival of our order.  Truely, this CD and cover are more beautiful than the originals. Our CDs just arrived and they are WONDERFUL!!  There is no surface noise and the vocal sounds clear and BEAUTIFUL!!  We are sooooo pleased.  The cover is GREAT also and such speedy service. Thank you very much.  You are a real artisan. 
Jim and Carole M. Fort Collins, CO

Dear Eric, Thank you once again for the speedy arrival of our order.  Truely, this CD and cover are more beautiful than the originals. Our CDs just arrived and they are WONDERFUL!!  There is no surface noise and the vocal sounds clear and BEAUTIFUL!!  We are sooooo pleased.  The cover is GREAT also and such speedy service. Thank you very much.  You are a real artisan. 
Jim and Carole M. Fort Collins, CO

WoW!!!, nice. The sound is great. The label looks real good. You did a good job bringing it over.   I can’t believe how fast they got here either. 
thanks a lot Later, Toby H. Frankfurt, KY

Just a quick note. I started importing the Connie CD’s on my iTunes fully prepared to input all the album and song titles and my God; they were there! You’re totally amazing!! I scanned the artwork into my iPhotos and dragged the covers into the playlists and that was it. I can’t tell you how happy I am about this. I’ve been wanting to transfer some of Connie’s albums for years (which I can do myself but analog and no access to the artwork) when I stumbled on your site. I’m so glad I did! I’ll be back. I can’t thank you enough. I’ve been touting you to friends and sent the You Tube video of you to them. Thank you so much! Your service is invaluable. 
Take care! Greg C. New York, NY


Dear Eric,   Thank you very much for the beautiful work.  All is perfect.   I wanna send you other records next week.   
Kind regards,   Maurice V. Roux, Belgium

Hi Eric,   
Arrived today, and sounds great. Really appreciate the fast turnaround.   
Paul N. Walnut Creek, CA 

Hey I just got them today and thank you soooo much! They turned out amazing! I’ve been waiting a long time to get this done and am glad I had you do them because they are perfect! Expect more coming soon!

Thanks again!  Tom C. Ashton, MD

Hello Eric,
I want to thank you very much for transferring the music that my Mom recorded in 1949 from 78 LP’s to CD’s. You did an excellent job! The sound clarity is perfect and the CD label and cover look great. I know my Mom is going to be very surprised and happy when we play her music at her upcoming 80th birthday party this month. I am going to try and get my hands on some old family films and ask that you transfer them to DVD. Thanks again.
Dale B. San Diego, CA

Hi Eric, Thanks very much. The CD is great. You’ve done a nice job of cleaning up the sound from the LP and preserving the rich sound of the singer’s voice. The only place I notice a problem is in the first few seconds of Track 1, and I could see problems visually with the LP in that area. Great job and great service! Count me a very satisfied customer. Jim C. Silver Spring, MD

Dear Eric,
I just wanted to say thank-you for your beautiful job on the Young Messiah LP, which my mom, Marilyn Frantz, had transferred as a Christmas gift for my dad. We just listened to it and the entire restoration and transfer are superb! I restore classical music (mostly from reel-to-reel) for several record labels myself and know how challenging it can be to restore the music without creating artifacts or losing overtones or otherwise making it sound “processed.” Your transfer really sounds natural and beautiful.
Happy holidays,
Albert F. Vienna, Austria www.key-notes.com

Thank you for such a quality product!!! I am just thrilled with your work. I have already given your card to a colleague who may be contacting you in the future for some very important work transferring some very precious and valuable records he made with his father . . . and which will have intrinsic and commercial value once completed.
Eric, your service, timeliness and quality were superb. Thank you so much!!
Regina A. Raleigh, NC

Rerceived the CD today and I am very pleased with the job you done . 
Thankyou Hans S. Ontario, Alberta, Canada

Eric, Wow!! You are a wizard! I thought I’d be lucky to get a few words off that 60 year old warped and scratched record. I never allowed myself to hope to get it all. And the sound quality is beyond reasonable expectations! To hear my Dad’s grandmother and her sister – born when Abe Lincoln was President – for the first time in my life is just awesome. My relatives at the family reunion next month will be blown away. My Daddy would be so happy. I cannot thank you enough!
Robert B. Houston, TX

Thank you, Eric. I received the order last Wednesday, November 25th. The recordings are beautiful. Many Christmas memories from my childhood came flooding back and I am sure my entire family will have the same experience. You did a wonderful job and the turnaround time was terrific. Thank you again.
Karin M. Denver, CO

Hi Eric – 
I just want to thank you so much for the quick turn-around on my records. I know they were in really bad shape, but you did a great job – the commercial records hardly have a pop or hiss at all. This will make a great gift for my sister and me – thanks again, its amazing to hear it all. 
John F. Washington, DC

Hi, Eric, I received the CD of the recording you did from the album sountrack of “The Sandpiper.” It sounds great. And thank you for the extra bonus CD, as well. Love the soft, soothing sounds; great music to listen to while relaxing! Thanks again! Paul Y. New York, NY

Hi Eric,
Thank you for the excellent work you did on Dads’ CD. He had tears in his eyes when he opened it. Thanks so much…you made his Christmas, and mine.
Thank you,
Kristin D. Fargo, ND

Thank you so much for the great job on my 78! Thank you also for adding your CD. Thank again and I will tell my musician friends about you!
Bruce B. San Antonio, TX

You guys did a wonderful job converting my grandmother’s message onto a CD. To hear the voice of a family member long deceased is an incredible feeling. Not only had I forgotten that the recording existed, I didn’t know that it was possible to put it on a CD (how did I ever live before Google?). Thanks for your help.
P.S. In case you wondered, the songs are Hungarian. Now I have to find someone to translate. 🙂
Judy D. Amherst, MA

Eric —
Thank you very much for transferring and remastering my original 78RPM discs to CD. The quality of the work you did is outstanding, the recordings are clear and clean, and the thrill of hearing that voice sing 80 years ago is indescribable.
Jim O. Galveston, TX

Dear Eric,
Thank you for changing my old scratched 33 LP record of Michel Legrand’s “Castles in Spain” into a new CD. The finished product was so much more than I expected. Many years ago Castles in Spain was my favorite LP. It was lost before I came to California from New York in 1969. Recently a friend in NY found a copy online and sent it to me. After much searching I was given the phone number of a person who was considered the best in music and video transfers to CDs and DVDs. That person was you! Thank you…..thank you for your expertise in making my new CD sound like it was new; and the cover….perfect. But most of all, thank you, for enabling me to remember wonderful old memories, long ago forgotten; now as crystal clear as the music I used to listen to, and am listening to now….Castles!
Augie, A. Temecula, CA

Hi Eric,
I received and played my CD(s) today, and I want to thank you for everything. I don’t understand why you sent so much money back, but I appreciate your integrity and expertise. I am very happy and will tell all my friends whom to contact for audio and video projects in the future.
Thank you also for saving as much as you were able to save. It was wonderful to be able to hear voices I remember from my childhood. It’s too bad that the actual ceremony was not salvageable, but I loved going back to a time before I was born, my own time machine. Mom and Dad did have a happy life together, til death parted them.
Marsha S. San Bernardino, CA

Dear Eric,
I really want to thank you for all your help these past few weeks. Your business has been a real comfort to me, as I’ve grown tired of waiting for these recordings to be released on CD. I have told many people about what you do. Hopefully you’ll be hearing from at least a few of my friends. Many thanks,
Christ D. San Francisco, CA

Hi Eric,
Just to let you know that Josh was thrilled with cds that you made. He couldnt beleive that I did this for him..and the quality is wonderful. Thanks for your promptness and for making this entire experience perfect! I will clearly use your services again in the future. 
Sandy S. Scottsdale, AZ

Hi Eric, 
The Records arrived today in good health. I am excited by my new acquisition. There is a song on one of those records that I have never heard in all the years I have owned this album. I am overjoyed with the experience and I will not hesitate to recommend your. Thank you. 
–Peter L.

The package arrived this weekend. Finally had a chance to listen to the CD. Everything sounds great! If there’s an opportunity, I will recommend your services to my friends.
Thanks again,
Diane D. Oak Brook, IL

The records and CD’s arrived fine. You did a magnificent job on the conversion. Not a hint of LP “needle noise” or rumble. Very impressive. I’m pleased with the results.
Thanks, Dr. Bill A. Carrollton, TX

The 78 and CDs have arrived. I must say the audio is spectacular. I’ve spent months making improvements and refinements to my Columbia G2 Grafanola. But it sounds nowhere near this good. There is no discernable surface noise nor a single pop. It’s truly 
great. I’d recommend you to anyone. 
Thatcher G. Berwyn, PA

My LP and CD’s arrived yesterday. You did a great job – thank you so much!
Maria K.  Franklin, TN
It arrived Saturday and it’s FANTASTIC… better than the original, without a single snap, crackle, or pop! I couldn’t be more pleased. I’ll be sure to pass the word around to my friends.
I’ve listened to it though my Bose noise-canceling head set several times – finding something new every time.
I think your web site said something about “fast turn around, quality, and personal attention” and in an era of a lot of hyperbole in advertising – you produced AS ADVERTISED. I very much appreciate your dedication to the art, science, and craft that you obviously take so very seriously. You’re a master.
Best regards,
Ken G. Phoenix, AZ

Just letting you know I received both my original vinyl singles, and audio cds today. Thank you! I’m more than pleased with the result (only listened to half so far, and so far they are great).
I will have another batch of 10 singles heading your way. With the holidays around the corner, I understand the turn around time may be slightly longer which is no problem.
Beau B. Midvale, UT

I got the album today. It is amazing! Thank you so much!
Ekaterina F. Decorah, IA

I just listened to them. (78s to CD) They’re wonderful — better than wonderful. It brings back memories of listening to my grandparents singing together at the grand piano when I was little. Thank you so very, very much. I will be certain to recommend you to anyone I know who is looking to do similar work, and I imagine my father will be getting in touch with you at some point regarding the speakophone records — he actually has no idea what’s even ON them. 
Sharon T. Arlington, VA

Hey Eric, The CD’s were at my door today when I got home from work. I love it, excellent job on the art work. I’m listening now and the sound is superb. Thanks once again for the quick turn around and the professional results. Best Regards, Tobin H. Frankfort, KY

Good Afternoon Eric,
My husband just called and said that the CDs just arrived. When you said that you would return them promptly, you weren’t kidding. My husband said that you did a wonderful job. I can’t wait to get home and see the finished product.
Thank you again for saving a piece of our “Lost Legacy”!
Linda H. San Bernardino, CA


We received the two copies of the CD you made from our old 78 rpm Voice-O-Graph recordings from the 1950’s, as well as our originals.
You did a great job and we really appreciate the care you took in the packaging to make sure everything arrived in perfect shape.
John & Jackie D. Feasterville, PA

Several years ago you provided a great service in digitizing some of George Bragg’s LPs for me. It led to his donating his library to North Texas University, which has now established a George Bragg wing in their music library. Thank you so much for that. Mr. Bragg passed away a few years ago, and your efforts were vital in persuading him to bequeath his library prior to his death.
Curt V. Sweetwater, FL

Eric – You are awesome! Bless you.
Susan G. Austin, TX

Thanks for the quick turn-around. It came out pretty well for a 60 year old recording.
We may have another project in the future – I’ll contact you later.
Phil M. Los Angeles, CA

I just listened to the CD and so very grateful to be able to hear it once again. Having this recording is such a gift. I thank you for your efforts.
And nice doing business with you.
Shelly F. Teaneck, NJ

The CDs arrived today and I have listened to the first one. Sounds great. Thank you for a job well done and working so well with me.
Best Regards,
Becky P. Winnsboro, TX

Just wanted to let you know I got the CD’s (from 45s) and they are awesome! I can’t thank you enough. The sound quality is excellent and I am thrilled to know that I can listen now even if the needle breaks on my turntable!!! My only regret is I wish I had thought about doing this before my daddy passed away, but we did talk about it! Thanks again so much! 
Michelle D. Fayetteville, NC

Eric, a thousand thanks for your fine job with Frank N’s record and CD. He received it all in good order and is very pleased.
Also, I’m very grateful for the CD you sent me, and have enjoyed listening to it.
I hope subsequently to offer you more recordings to transpose to CDs.
Courtenay W. Stuart, FL



LINDA N. Hurst, TX

You can’t begin to imagine how I felt listening to this. It sounds much better than the original 78, especially when you think about the equipment we used to listen to records in 1940-42. The cleanup is amazing. 
I will be sending a copy to my brother who also loved it. He is also a musician and he might have old LPs or whatever to convert. I’ll recommend you!
Ed S. Jupiter, FL

Hello Eric,
Received the CD yesterday and it is wonderful! The sound is so clean – no scratching or popping noises. And I was surprised at the level of the bass in the sound. The LP having been produced in the 70’s, I thought the recording would not have had much bass to it (I like a lot of bass), but I was very happy to hear it -it sounds so good! You did a great job. 
Now that I’ve found you, I will have more LPs to transfer – I’ll have to do them a few at a time, of course. Until then, thank you so much. 
I’ll be in touch.
Jan G. Santa Monica, CA

Hi Eric:
Thank you for the great job on the LP/CD transfer! I listened to last night and the sound quality is great. 
Mark H. El Cajon, CA

Wow, that was a fast turn-around! The record and CD arrived today. Thank you so much for the professional job you did with the CD as well. It’s for my son-in-law Bill, as a Father’s Day gift. The recording is of his father who died when Bill was young. This will be the first time he’s heard his father’s voice in a very long time. I’m going to have the 45 framed with a picture of his Dad. 
You’re the best,
Karen D. Kernersville, NC

I just wanted to thank you for making our Christmas! I received the record and CD yesterday and it sounds incredible, even better than the record ever did. Thank you so much.
-Tania L. Coon Rapids, MN

Hi Eric ~ Received the parcel earlier. Just wanted to let you know that your service is EXCELLENT!! Thanks so much. ~ Chris H. McKees Rocks, PA

Hello Eric,
I received the CD and original album on Tuesday and I’m delighted with the transfer. The sound quality is great. There are no clicks or surface noise at all and bass is deeper and cleaner sounding than I remember hearing on my home system. I also appreciate you combining both LPs on a single CD.
Thanks again for a great job.
Greg T. Rochester, NY

You did an incredible job – including the label on the CD matching the record label.
I am still crying – I had forgotten how my mom sounded when I was young.
I will refer you to anyone looking for your service.
Thanks so much, 
Best Regards, Steve P. Valley Glen, CA

Eric, very pleased with the results and thank you for the excellent service. I have passed your name along to others hope you get some additional business.
Best regards,
Dave C. Houston, TX

Erik, I received the CD today and was amazed at the quality of the sound! You were right about the artwork, I will definitely pay the extra to have it done on the next record.
Thank you, Cathy C. LAWRENCEVILLE, GA

You are one of those “everyday miracles” that happen every once and a very rare while…The turnaround time was simply amazing!
I intend to make up a small sign next to the CD with your company name on it so if anyone asks how we converted that old scratched up vinyl LP, your name will be up front and visible. Your ears will be burning on Saturday night with the accolades I will be gushing about you!
Was my “thank you” heartfelt enough – because I REALLY mean it!
Cathy Clarke

Hello Eric…

I just wanted to let you know I have received the LP and the CD you made from the LP today. I couldn’t be more pleased…you did a very special and wonderful job…the CD’s sound as if they were recorded just this week instead of more than 40 years ago.

We humans are a sentimental species…it has taken me many months to find this LP…and I wanted to find just the right production studio to convert it to CD. I have very obviously made the very right choice in 
asking you to do the conversion.

So…thank you very much…your professionalism, service, turn-around time, and fees are impeccable…please feel free to use me as an endorsement of your services. My high school sweetheart and I used to cut school and listen this LP…so you might be able to understand it’s sentimental value.

Again…thank you very much…continued success…

Warmest Regards,
Dr. Dan Phoenix, AZ

Hi Eric,
I cannot stress this enough, the CD’s are phenomenal. When I saw the 78’s for the first time, I thought I would be wasting my money. They were cracked, missing sections, and very dirty. My mother-in-laws face lit up like a five year old on Christmas morning when she heard the CD’s. We are very please with the outcome.
Thanks again for the great work,
Gueatonno S. Martinez, CA

Dear Eric,
I just wanted you to know that I’m really happy with my CD. The sound quality is amazing (how is that possible?) and I love what you did with the album art. And that’s pretty much what all the testimonials on your website say isn’t it?! 
All the best,
Bola O. San Mateo, CA

Thank you so much for a great job on the 78 recording of my dad’s. It is wonderful to be able to play it and hear him after all these years and it is 
just incredible that you were able to transfer that to a CD.
Thank you again,
Sandy D. Fallbrook, CA

Thank you very much. I’m so glad you provide this service for those of us who don’t own turntables anymore!
Lisa R. Chatham, NJ

I received the CD’s today. Sound quality is superb! I’m 
impressed. Will be sending you some more records shortly !
Steve W. Arlington, VA

Hi, Eric,
My new CD and my really old LP arrived safe and sound yesterday. The CD is perfect! I couldn’t be more pleased. The turn-around time was so fast and the cover art is excellent. Thanks so much! I’m so glad that I found you during my web search for media transfer. 
Shirley S. Mountain View, CA

I received the CD’s today and just finished listening to them. They are great, you do excellent work.
Jeff C. Richmond, KY

Dear Eric,
I received the CDs!!! My husband and I are so
impressed by your work. High quality and
professionally done with attention to detail. Thank
you!!! Sooooo much!!!
Marta C. New York, NY

Thanks so much, I got them on Saturday and am so pleased with the final result. Great job. 
Mary M. York, SC

I received the CD’s today. The cover looks great and I love the sound of the Irish Lullaby! The scratchiness is gone and it sounds so clear! Thanks,
Maureen P. Katy, TX

The Pat O’Brien CDs arrived today. The sound is incredible!! Thank you SO MUCH!!
Happy Holidays,
Patsy O’Connor

Hi Eric –
I’ve been listening to the Chasidic Song Festival recordings while working at my computer. You did a fabulous job transforming this music to CD. Even for the rare quieter moments with only a flute playing, or a single female voice, it sounds really clear. I am so
happy to have this music playing in my house again after all these years. My kids were here over the weekend, and it was playing in the background. I asked my son if it sounded familiar, and his face lit
up as it penetrated his consciousness and he realized it was music from his youth.
Thanks again.
Elaine A. Lexington, MA

The CD is really great. The quality of the sound surpasses my expectations.
Maggie H. Greensburg, PA
Hi Eric, Thanks so much for such a speedy return. I will definitely recommend you for future recordings.
I can’t wait to give them as gifts later this week.
Hope your enjoying your week,
Teresa F. Fairfield, CT


Hello Eric,
I got the package and am really happy. Excellent service, great quality, fair pricing.
Thank you!
Ted P. San Francisco, CA

Great job! We are very happy it sounds so good my dad was really touched. Thanks for the great service i am really impressed at the whole process and have been telling lots of people about you
Jamie H. Queen Creek, AZ

I got my CD today! Thank you SO much for the quick turn-around. Believe it or not, I have been trying to find that song (Mary Ann) for over 5 years. It is out of print (for obvious reasons), but my mother (Mary Ann), used to listen to it a lot when she was a newly divorced single mom in the early 70s. When I got the CD today, my husband and I listened to it and I started singing along to it, remembering the words. He said, “You know the words??!!” As I said, she listened to it A LOT! Thanks again, and if I need your services again, or know someone who does, I will highly recommend you!!!
Thanks a lot,
Jami V. Houston, TX

Eric, the CDs arrived today and thank you for the beautiful (and unexpected) artwork on the CDs!
A merry Christmas present to me…..
Diane L. Glen Head, NY

I received the disc conversions on Saturday and given the original condition of the records the discs sound surprisingly good.
Thank you again,
Patrick C. Pasadena, TX

The Children’s Choir CDs arrived yesterday and were a big hit.
Excellent sound. You seemed to be able to filter out most of the surface noise.
Many thanks,
Kent L. Arlington, TX

You do fabulous work! It was if I had purchased it in a store. Bobby Cole would have been proud. Last night I listened to the CD and it was beautiful. Clear, no static, as if it was hot off the press. Will listen to the sounds of the planet over the week end. I mailed off the other 3 this morning to my friends…and I know they will be just as pleasantly surprised as I was.
Thank you again.
Anita Z. New York, NY

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I just got back last night and went to the Post Office this morning and there it was. I’m enjoying listening to the CD now, knowing that I was in that chorus (way back when).. I am very happy I found you on the internet. If ever, I or any of my friends or acquaintances need your type of assistance, You’re it.
Diane M. Naples, ME

Hi, Eric –
The LP arrived in excellent condition – thanks to your respectful packing. The CD is GREAT! I celebrated Christmas all over again today… ‘-)) I’ll refer you to my friends and keep your name on file should other heirlooms require your skills.
Thank you so much, Katrina B.
New York, NY

Thank you Eric for my CD. It came out wonderfully. I’ve been enjoying it this past week. Great work. If I ever need a similar job, I know who to call!
A happy customer, Malinda W. Hollywood, CA

Thank you, Eric.
You’ve done a superlative job with the old Presto recording.
It was a childlike voice I had never heard before. I listened to it a number of times. To think, my late husbands voice from over 50 years ago…..a time when his world was free of care.
Your work is appreciated by my family and me.
Kind regards,
Maryjane P. Denville, NJ

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I received my CD’s yesterday. THANK YOU so much! I couldn’t wait to open the box and listen to them as it’s been so very many years since I’ve heard them. It brought many a joyful (yet tearful) memory and I had forgotten how happy my dad had sounded when he wasn’t ill.
So thank you, thank you, thank you! I would recommend your services to anyone who asks and if I have a need to do this again, I will certainly keep your business card handy.

Pam N. West Chicago, IL
1st class job. Thanks a lot.
Chris C. Kansas City, MO

Eric, The CD of our 78 is just great. Thanks.
Dave R. Columbus, OH

I received the package today. You did a great job!
Chuck H. Big Canoe, GA
I got the package today. I couldn’t wait to listen to the CD. On a satisfaction scale of 1 to 10 you get a 10. I am totally satisfied with the finished product and I thank you. Now my problem is controlling myself from playing the songs until I get sick of them. Thanks again.
George W. ME

Thanks again for your assistance! I’m so excited to hear those recordings again.
Anyway, this is a great service you provide. You help preserve memories that would otherwise be lost in the constant updating of our technology. Without something like this, I don’t know that I would have ever been able to hear these tapes again. Thanks so much! I will definitely use your services again.
Bonnie D. Menifee, CA
Hey Eric, got the LP and CD on Mon. It looks and sounds great, thanks again.
Connell D. Alameda, CA

I received the order today —
EXCELLENT REMASTER!!! You did a superb job — thank you so much.
— Jared L. USAF

Yesterday I found peace… The sea was reaching out to me. It was pulling me in. I couldn’t resist – so I quickly packed a few things and left. Labor Day was over and most people had returned to their jobs, to school. Me, I am retired. I grabbed my Bose headphones, my new CD “The Sea” and my disc player as I went out the door.
With the holiday over it was easy finding a parking spot and s–p–a-c-e. The sky had been painted a beautiful blue, the sea a beautiful blue. As it raised up colors changed to blue-green capped with white laces. I quickly spread out my blanket, put on tanning lotion and reached for my music. I couldn’t get over how beautiful the sounds were. I was being fined tuned to all the beautiful surrounds. I felt such peace deep within me. I brought a book I wanted to read but it never got opened. I chased white billowy clouds hanging here and above, watched two dolphins play, birds seeking sand crabs for their lunch. I watched the sea, the waves come in and return back to the sea. The sea called me again and I went into it. The warm water caressed by body. One drop of water can not fill the fountain yet this music can fill ever inch of my soul.
Thank you for giving me this precious gift…
Mary W. San Diego, CA

Hi Eric, OUTSTANDING!! The CD arrived today.. great job. We’ve been looking for this record for 20 years and now finally have it to play for all the I-95 people we run into.. hope you got a chuckle out of it too.
Thanks again,
Bonnie W. Zellwood, FL

Happy Holidays to you Eric!!!!!!!!! Great job on the Johnny Kay. I love it. It brought back a great deal of childhood Christmas memories. Thanks!!!!!
Edward L. Frederick, MD