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King Tet’s Credentials

King Tet® Productions, Ltd. was established in 1997 in San Diego, CA 
by Eric Van der Wyk
Eric is a Musician, Composer, Audio Engineer, Graphic and Web Designer and Computer Guru. He is dedicated to the art of Digital Audio Remastering of tapes and records to Compact Disc with maximum improved quality.
In addition to Digital Audio Conversions, other services include Video Encoding, Audio Encoding, VHS to DVD conversion, Field Recordings, Field Photography, CD art layout, Web Design, Retail CD sales, Music Composition and multi-track recording.
Eric Van der Wyk works for many recording artists remastering and reissuing their out of print LPs to CDs to sell to their fans. Please visit www.KingTet.biz for a complete list of reissues.
King Tet® Productions, Ltd. has worked in a professional capacity for the following: